The Hamburger Press

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Every self respecting barbecue or burger connoisseur should own a Hamburger Press. Although you can experiment with different buns, toppings and sauces it is the patty itself which makes a great burger. With the right equipment and a little experimentation you can take your hamburger making skills to a whole new level.

Why Make Your Own ?

The main benefit of using these products is that they produce patties that are uniform in size and shape. This not only makes them more visually appealing, but means that each patty will require a similar cooking time.

Hamburger Presses have the ability to tightly and evenly compact meat which should prevent patties which fall apart or cook to quickly on the outside while remaining raw on the inside. Serving under cooked burger patties can result in food poisoning so using these devices has food safety benefits.

Using these types of equipment requires less physical contact with the meat which some people believe results in a l lower quality patty. The warmth from hands can start to melt the dat which may result in patties becoming too dense.

Achieving Perfection

The obvious first step in producing a quality burger is to select some quality meat. It is generally considered that ground beef chuck is best for burgers as it contains around 20% fat. This level of fat should help produce a moist and juicy burger and lower fat levels should result in a drier burger. Sometimes you can purchase beef that is labelled hamburger or ground beef which normally contains around 30% fat.

When cooking the patty try to avoid pressing down on the meat as it compresses the meat and also causes the juice to be squeezed out.

Most people use Hamburger Presses to cook burgers made from beef but practically any kind of meat can be used to make a delicious burger.

Flavors can be incorporated into the patty mixture for a different taste. Lean Meats can benefit from ingredients which add moisture such as onions or mushrooms. It is quite common for garlic or onion powder to be used to add flavor and some people use chilli powder or Asian spices for a different sensation.

Before cooking your burger patties make sure that the grill or pan is already hot. Try to avoid moving the meat unless absolutely necessary. Use your own judgement as to how long to cook the patties for and if you own a probe thermometer check that they have reached a temperature of around 160 degree Fahrenheit before serving.

If you have decided that you need a Hamburger Press in your life please browse through the wide selection of items available on this site.