Review hamburger press Weston Burger Express with Patty Ejector (07-0310-W)

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I want to just take a second to show you a little bit about this West and Patty press. This is kind of a unique item here and I like to use a lot because any of the burger that I can’t get through and get it out into tubes what do you do with it it’s leftover burger. So what I like is to take this blessed and patty press here and I can press it right into a patty.
Now the really unique feature about this is right here there’s a dial and as I turn this dial. I can actually adjust the thickness of my patty. So as they spin that dowel i’m making a thinner patty and then when i open it back up. I’m actually making a thicker patty. Then right here in the top there’s a spring-loaded press. That I can push and that’s actually going to press all the air out of the patty and give me a really nice tightly knitted together patty. So I’m going to open this up just a little bit. Till I get about a half-inch thick burger. Gonna lay this down and then I can take one of my wax patty papers put it right on the top just makes cleanup a lot easier. And then I’ll just take a nice ball of my hamburger hear from my venison burger and I’m going to take that and I’m going to place it right here in the middle of my paper. I can take another paper put it on top like I said that keeps clean up nice easy. Press down on it. Then I can push the plunger here on the top just to make sure that I’ve evacuated all the air. Open that up. Peel the patty paper off the top. And look at that perfect hamburger patties.
Now you can stack these up. Put them in a freezer bag, stick them in the freezer, vacuum seal them. And that will keep them for a long time.

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