Hamburger Patty Maker

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Almost everyone likes burgers but hardly anyone would like to see the meat for them falling apart on the grill. This is why we are looking for the way to form excellent burger patties – thick enough and yet juicy. It is also important for them to be of the same shape and size, just right for an average bun. How do we achieve this goal? The answer is a hamburger patty maker. This inexpensive utensil is ideal for all burger lovers. Especially when you like to organize picnics, barbeque parties, big friendly dinners and other events that demand tasty, filling and smartly looking food for everybody. Nothing can help you with that better than a patty maker.


Why you may need it


Of course, many cooks prefer making patties by hand. It is useful, cheap and allows you to adjust the thickness easily. Handmade patties are great in every way, except one – uniformity. You are just physically not able to make them equal in shape and size using the palm of your hand.


Another problem is cooking for parties, picnics and other events where too many hungry people get together. Of course, you need to make a lot of hamburgers quickly and easily. And what is more, they all have to look equally good on a plate. This is easy to reach using a patty making utensil.


One more way to find a use of such cooking equipment is a fast food business. Whether it is a small takeaway or a proper restaurant, you need a press to form even and perfectly shaped patties that look great in burgers. Your clients will certainly appreciate that and come back soon to have a delicious, professionally looking meal again.


What you can use a patty press for


Learning about different options of your burger press is the best way to use its full potential. It’s not necessary to always use ground beef or other type of meat for patties. If you have a burger patty maker it is easy for you to make Hawaiian burgers, pizza burgers, chicken Cordon Bleu burgers, vegetarian mix burgers and many more of your favorite things. And when you use such kitchen device for making patties you always sure they are of the precise weight, shape, size and thickness you want them to be.

Mix various fillings and combine flavors.

You can use all kinds of raw meat (beef, poultry, turkey, pork, mutton or other), sausage, cheese, fish and other seafood, any sort of vegetable (pumpkin, lentil, potato, tomato, green beans and many more) or mixtures of these ingredients. Whatever material you take the result will always be superb with hamburger patty maker. Using your hands won’t do any good in this case.

Calculate exact cooking time.

Making patties by hand can’t be compared with using a special utensil because the latter provides uniformity of each patty. This way you know precise time to grill them. No burning, to falling apart, no raw meat on inside – perfect! And your meal is ready by the time you’ve planned.

Shape patties as you need and like.

Some burger presses are equipped with different molds. They allow you to adjust not only the size, the weight and the thickness of each patty. You can choose from different shapes (round for classical burgers, square for burgers on toast or tri-angle and oval for more unusual, creative burgers) and variations (regular patties, steaks, nuggets or sticks).


Types of a burger patty maker


A kitchen utensil like this can be performed in various ways, according to size, model, materials, purpose, functions and other characteristics.


Single – double presses.

This is simple: a double press can make two patties at a time while a single press makes only one patty. A double press is a great helper during preparations for a big party. However, it’s heavier than a single variation. That is why it doesn’t suit for picnics or other kind of traveling. Single hamburger presses are, on the contrary, not as large and heavy. Some models are made of light materials and equipped with a handle so it becomes very easy to take them with you anywhere.


Metal, plastic or wooden details.

The strongest items are produced from metal alloys, usually aluminum. There are also plastic versions. They are cheaper and lighter but not really reliable in use. Mini versions of burger presses are constructed in a way to have an aluminum body and a wooden handle (usually detachable).

Presses for household and business.

Patty makers differ according to their size and purpose. Smaller single models are easier to operate, transport and wash. They are great for family dinners or traveling.

A larger, stronger metal press is your choice if you want to be ready for a big party. You can find a single or a double version of this patty making device. Some models even can be connected to a meat grinder to form a patty as you grind. This way the whole process becomes faster.

There is a special kind of professional machine that produces a large number of patties in a short time. It is used only in burger- and sausage making businesses because of its big size and additional functions. Let us have a closer look at it.


Burger patty maker machine


This machine is ideal for commercial use since it is able to process about 100 kg of meat or other ingredient per hour, shaping lots of patties (some models shape up to 2000 patties in 60 minutes). This is irreplaceable equipment for fast food restaurants and takeaways.

A patty maker like this automatically controls the portions of meat (cheese, fish, vegetable or other stuffing) and allows adjusting of shape, size and thickness of patties. Sheets of wax paper are automatically placed between a metal case and meat. The device can be also attached to a sausage stuffer.

The machine needs an operator but it is easy and perfectly safe to use. A special interlock protects an operator from injury.




If you are looking for device to save your time in the kitchen and to make your dishes look professional you should definitely choose a burger patty maker. Decide when you are going to use it (at home, for large parties, for business, on picnics etc.) and then find a certain model to meet your requests.