Allezola Burger Press

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This is a press hamburger. It is made of two parts with a tray and the press, which has a nice wooden handle. It is coated nonstick coated so it will the food won’t stick to it it easy to clean. It will make perfect size then shapes burgers, homemade burger. So you can use any type of mincemeat you like beef pork lamb and you can see them with any spices. So we you’ll make up tasty home burger.
Price: 9.99$

How it works.

How to use burgers press

This tray can also be used in the oven or on the hope so Pinto support means meat. And press. We have those ridges which would be the cost to the burger when it’s cooked. That’s easy fast to makecompared to shaping it to by hand. So nicely shaped homemade hamburger.